Products and Services

In a world of dynamic and ever evolving communications media, the voice that gets heard the most is not the loudest, but the sharpest: a penetrating voice that knows when to speak up, what to say and whom to address.

Multichannel, multi audience, highly effective customer engagement.

The missing link between you and your target is right here at LinkActiv. Yes, we are your bilingual, bicultural connection that simplifies communication processes through state-of-the-art technology, outstanding human resources and superb, uninterrupted service.

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Data driven creativity at its best.

Personalized Direct Marketing is data driven and enhanced by a creative message to deliver quantifiable, powerful, effective results right on target.

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Generate savings while reducing delivery time.

Change the way promotional material is ordered and delivered through a cost-effective delivery optimization and Internet-based delivery management system.

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Get the undivided attention of your target market.

LinkActiv´s printing capabilities give you what you need and beyond: loyal empowered customers who appreciate the quality and creativeness of printed materials that engages the consumer.

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You talk. They answer. They talk. You answer. Two-way conversations are vital in social media as it increasingly becomes an integral component of the consumer’s decision making process.

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The LinkActiv Mission

To bring excellence to our partners’ customer engagement opportunities.

We are driven by a strong commitment to provide the best bilingual and bicultural contact center and to deliver measurable growth and cost-effective results through our Multichannel execution capabilities.

LinkActiv Vision

A new vision to invigorate our legacy.

To become the premier United States-based bilingual and bicultural contact center and multichannel partner for companies serving bicultural markets. We achieve this through solutions that support our clients’ goals to increase competitiveness while focusing on their core business.

Our process

BrandTeam solutions make us different

A BrandTeam is a group of skilled Multichannel communication professionals with extensive experience and an intense commitment to their craft. At LinkActiv, each team member contributes insights from their particular area of expertise towards a greater cross-functional solution. This is what drives us and what sets us apart.

By actively fostering and rewarding collaboration, our BrandTeam approach ensures that every project, from inception to implementation, garners greater insights and optimal results.