LinkActiv, a clear direction!

Our new identity reflects our name and a path for the future of our company. LinkActiv links the direction of the growth we are looking for. A Link that connects two or more opportunities and an Activ that enables us to be dynamic, proactive and innovative.

El Día Directo (EDD) provided us with a solid platform combined with the leadership of our brand logo within the Ferré Rangel Group and their newspaper El Nuevo Día. We appreciate everything this relationship enabled us in our mission to become leaders of our industry.

A new name

Our new name and logo seek to energize the message's effectiveness. It communicates agility and the dynamism required to enable connections among audiences. The multicolored logo representing two boomerangs, communicates the effectiveness that we offer when sending a message supported by a team known for its experience and measurable results: The BrandTeam in action!

BrandTeams are synonymous with communication, team work, support and recognition. As such, we are a multifunctional group of specialists that develop ideas into a tightly integrated plan.

Allow us to lead your brand to its biggest potential.